How To Start A House Cleaning Business With A Limited Budget

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Starting a house cleaning business need not cost a lot of money. Some people operate their small cleaning business right out of their homes. In fact, a lot of house cleaners start off as solo entrepreneurs where they take on the cleaning jobs themselves and then expand with more helpers later. But no matter the size of the business, it is always a good idea to get a business license, insured and bonded. It not only protects your business, but also assures potential clients that you take you are operating a legitimate business as well. Insurance is for damage done to a property and bonding is for theft on the premise. Depending on where you are from, getting a business license can be very cheap. Furthermore, getting insurance with bonding is based on total sales. When you’re first starting out, this will be cheap. Once the business grows with more sales and profit, you can renegotiate the policy.

The actual equipment needed is just some cleaning supplies and you can probably find it already in your home or you can improvise with some rags. Some clients even prefer you use their own cleaning equipment but make sure you ask beforehand. If you offer green cleaning services, you can mix your own solutions in which case it will even be cheaper. By offering environmentally friendly cleaning services, you can actually demand higher cleaning rates.

Another cost that business owners have to consider is a marketing budget in order to get house cleaning jobs. Luckily, this as well can be minimal. Promotional flyers can be printed off a personal computer and if need be, you can manually draw it yourself. It will depend on your local bylaws if you’re allowed to distribute the flyers in mailboxes but you can also leave flyers in the shopping carts of grocery stores, its pin-up board, etc. This method does work but nothing is more effective than referrals and social proof of a job well done. But first off, you need that first client.

To get your first client, it actually does not need to be a cleaning job. You can offer other services such as yard work. This actually does not require you to enter the client’s home but shows initiative on your part. Go to a well-off neighbourhood and offer to rake their leaves for an agreed upon price. Do an amazing job and tell them you offer cleaning services as well and that you have a business license and you are insured and bonded. Leave them your flyer. This will undoubtedly leave a good impression and will lay the groundwork of trust for future cleaning jobs and referrals. Go off to the next house and offer to rake their leaves as well. This works especially well in a pricey neighbourhood as no one likes to be the last one withe the messy lawn. All you have to do show them your handiwork with the first lawn.

Starting a house cleaning business does not require one to have a lot of money.  In fact, it is one of the easiest businesses to start.  There are no more excuses so get started now!

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