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Regardless of your station in life, sometimes you want better for yourself and that means taking the plunge to start your own business. You don’t have to have lofty goals of inventing the next big tech gadget. Sometimes, it is the things that are so mundane that makes it easier to get rich because no one else wants to do it. For instance, how about starting a domestic cleaning services company? With a few repeat house cleaning jobs from satisfied customers, you can easily grow in the cleaning services industry. This is what is great about the business model. Clients are always trying to find time saving services and they will readily pay for it. You also get loyal and repeat customers because houses always get dirty eventually (for some customers, quite fast!) and it is hard to find trustworthy individuals. Also, the house cleaning business is one that is conducive to word of mouth marketing. Once you get a good reputation, your business will grow rapidly.

To start your domestic cleaning services business, you will want to advertise through as many means as you can. The cleaning business is all about referrals and social networking. Thankfully, the Internet is a wonderful way to advertise and you can do all of this for free. However, don’t forget the normal means of advertising such as through friends, local job boards, and flyers here and there.

When you first start your business, you will first need to decide how much per house cleaning job you plan to charge. You can decide to be paid per cleaning or by the hour. The larger residential cleaning companies charge up to $200 per cleaning or $30 per hour. Of course, this can be changed depending on the depth of cleaning you require, the number of rooms, and the original state of the house. You can always provide a quote before starting a job. This way, you can gauge how much effort it will require on your part to make the client happy and also for you to make a profit. While you can undercut the prices of the bigger companies, don’t sell yourself short by requesting too little either. The truth is, no matter how little you charge for house cleaning jobs, there will always be picky clients who ask for too much and pay too little. Therefore, you might as well be compensated adequately for it.

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