House Cleaning Jobs For the Environmentally Conscious

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Even though there are a lot of house cleaning jobs available depending on where you look, there’s still a lot of competition to land the best paying jobs. One way to set you apart from the other job seekers is to be an environmentally friendly house cleaner.

A lot of clients are looking for “green” housekeepers because they are aware of the toxic effects that commercial cleaning products have on the environment and more directly, on one’s own health. Therefore, when going on an interview to your prospective clients, you should have some tricks up your sleeve on how to clean effectively without using products that harm the environment or are bad for your health.

A lot of commercial cleaners and detergents are petroleum based. This is bad for the environment because of the pollution emitted through the refinement process. Also, petroleum is a limited resource. Alternatives to petroleum could be cleaning products made from vegetable sources which would be much better since that is a renewable resource.

Another thing to look out for especially in laundry detergents is the phospate content. Phosphate is used to soften water for the wash. However, if this gets into the waterways, it can promote algae growth which in turn causes pollution. If you’re going to be handling laundry for your clients, then stay away from phosphate detergents.

A very common disinfectant used for house cleaning is chlorine bleach. Obviously, it’s highly irritating if you breath in the fumes or if it gets into your eyes. However, that’s not all in how it can affect your health. Chlorine bleach contains trace amounts of a compound called organochlorine which has led to cancer is small animals. Therefore, it’s probably a good idea to limit your use of chlorine bleach and replace it with a healthier alternative.

One of the most useful green house cleaning ingredient is baking soda. If you mix a bit of white vingegar and water, it can be an all purpose cleaner and deodorizer. You can clean kitchen counters, refrigerators, and a variety of surfaces with this simple mixture. However, if you need something more powerful to disinfect, then you can use borax mixed with water and a few drops of lemon grass essential oil or tea tree oil to make the place smell nice.

A lot of people are afraid to use borax because it is toxic but it is an alkaline salt that can be found in nature. It’s also still much better than using commercial cleaners. Just let your clients know that you will take the borax with you when you finish your cleaning job so the kids and pets don’t get into it.

Even though people think house cleaning work is just manual labor, you do need to be aware of how to be environmentally friendly. Hopefully, with this knowledge, you’ll be able to add this to your resume and find a house cleaning job.

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