House Cleaning Jobs In A Recession

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The recession has certainly claimed a lot of jobs in the economy but looking at the help wanted pages, you can still find a lot of house cleaning jobs available.  For some reason, these jobs are not being filled.   In a tough job market, you really can’t be choosy and cleaning houses is an honest way to make a living – and it is a good living too.

It is quite ironic that while your customers are busting their butts working overtime to make ends meet, you can choose your own hours to clean houses.  This is especially true if you work for yourself cleaning houses.  You can set your own hours and choose your own rates.

Setting up your own domestic cleaning service is a great idea during the recession because even though the times are tough, people still will not give up the comforts of a clean house.  As mentioned, the harder people work in their own jobs fighting for overtime or taking on a second or third job, the less time they have to clean their house.  This is where you come in to make their lives easier and doing whatever they don’t have time to do themselves.  This includes cleaning their house, doing their laundry, making their beds, doing their dishes and other housekeeping tasks they require.   It is a tough job but since the house cleaning business does not have that high an overhead to maintain, you can recruit your family members to help you out.  With more people cleaning, the jobs get done faster which means you can take on more customers.

You can make a good living cleaning houses and the following link show you the house cleaning job rates you can charge.   However, to differentiate yourself from other companies and domestic cleaning services, you can advertise a specialty.  For instance, how about cleaning up after parties?  Or rental apartment clean ups?  These jobs are one off specialties but you can charge a mint for these services.  A lot of people might be scared off about the mess but remember, the messier the job is like removing mildew and mold, the more money you can charge.

Taking on house cleaning jobs might not have been a career choice you dreamed for yourself but it is a way to make money in a recession.  People have just got to look beyond their preconceived notions of the cleaning industry because there is money to be had here.

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