House Cleaning Self-Employment

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Cleaning private homes is one of the least expensive businesses to start. It is basically supplying labor. The initial start up cost are simply, the advertising and a personal bond.

Being bonded is one of the best things a new company can offer the private homeowner. There is liability involved when entering a person’s home and trust is a major factor when it comes to a new company. A bond can be purchased from most insurance companies at a minimal cost.

The next expense is advertising. A new business owner may consider sending out mailers to a certain neighborhood. There is also the internet and Craigslist which is a free advertising tool that is very powerful.

In the beginning it is best to only offer the services of labor. This would require the homeowner to provide all of the tools and cleaning products. It saves the business owner from the cost of the chemicals and also will please the owner to know that the appropriate products are used in their home. It is not recommended that laundry services be offered as it is a huge liability for the business owner.

One of the biggest mistakes that home cleaning services makes, is that once they start hiring employees for cleaning jobs, they tend to allow more than one individual to clean a particular home. This is not a good idea, for if any items come up missing from the home, it will be difficult to hold the guilty party responsible for the items.

The one item that an employee should take with them to each location, is their own hand gloves. This can avoid an awkward situation.

The reputation of the company is what will lead to future business and keep existing customers requesting services. The wise business owner will always inspect the work of the employees and follow up with the customer regarding their satisfaction of the job.

A house cleaning business can be very rewarding and provide a great income for the owner and employees. The most important factor in a successful business is that it is consistent. The advertising is there each and every week. The service is quality, and the customers can feel confident that when ever they hire this company, they will get the same quality as they always have, as will anyone that they refer.

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