How To Expand Your House Cleaning Job Into A Business

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Housekeeping is not something that a lot of people enjoy doing and thank goodness because that means there are lots of house cleaning jobs available.  If you ever go through the help wanted ads of your local newspaper or Internet job boards, you will find that a lot of people need help straightening up their lives and their houses.  This is just a sign of the times as some single folk don’t make the effort to clean their apartments and some married couples are too busy tackling the challenges of working and raising children at the same time.  There is not enough time in the day to house clean as well.  For someone with good organization skills and a good work ethic, taking on house cleaning jobs can be a lucrative career beyond their expectations.

Everyone has their own skill sets for which they are good at.  For some, their way to shine might be house cleaning and general organization.  There definitely is a niche market for this.  While the clients are making money doing other things, you are making your living fulfilling their gaps and needs for a clean and organized house.  Everyone has a role to play in keeping the economy going with their proper roles.

When hired as a maid or a cleaning person, this is a misnomer as your role is very likely going to be extended especially if you are proven to be reliable.  Clients usually want other services like running errands for them, pet sitting which also includes walking dogs, and picking up children to and from school as well.  When approached for these duties, ask first if you will be compensated beyond what is expected.  Frankly, these duties require additional responsibility beyond normal house cleaning services and you need to be paid accordingly.

A house cleaning job is not just about making a house tidy but it is about organization and time management as well.  This is why house cleaning can be a great way to network with the possibility to branch out as a personal assistant service.  In reality, this is what you are doing for your clients — assisting them in their personal lives and house cleaning is just one aspect.

By playing your cards right and with proper self promotion, a house cleaning job can evolve into something more lucrative so always keep your options open.

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