How to Set Up A House Cleaning Business

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A lot of people dream about setting up their own home based business but have no idea what to get involved in.  If that describes you, why not offer domestic cleaning services a try?  Providing house cleaning services for someone else is nothing to thumb your nose at.  The cleaning service industry is a billion dollar industry but the start-up cost for your home business can be next to nothing.  To help you out in deciding if making a living cleaning houses is for you, here are the four different ways to get into the business.

Independent Cleaner

As an independent cleaner, you find jobs cleaning houses on your own through self-marketing.  You book your appointments and set your hours and schedule.  This might sound like an ideal situation but you are doing all aspects of the job including the manual labor unless you hire some helpers to expand the business.

Cleaning Agencies

You can run a cleaning agency where you are the go between for people needing cleaning services and people seeking jobs cleaning houses.  The worker sets a charge per hour for his/her services and the agency gets a cut.

Cleaning Company

You can start your own company where you would employ people to work for you.  This is the natural progression that most independent cleaners find themselves in when they want to branch out farther.  However, this requires knowledge of how to set up a business and tax laws, etc. which brings us to our last option to set up a house cleaning venture.

Cleaning Franchises

For those who want to start a company cleaning houses but does not know how to go about it or lack the experience, a franchise might be an option to consider.  To be considered a franchisee, you would need to go to an interview as the company would want to ensure the success of the candidate.  In addition to business set-up costs, you would also need to pay a large amount to enter the franchise in exchange for the training. Also, the franchise company is entitled to future profits for its brand name and maintenance support.

If you want to enter the house cleaning business, all four ways are viable options to enter the market.  It all depends on the skill set that you bring into the equation.  Some find that they can manage on their own being an independent cleaner; others would rather manage people and leave the cleaning to them.  Still, others dream of starting their own business but have no experience but there is an option for them too.  Once again, the cleaning industry is a billion dollar business and there’s enough room for everybody.

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