How to Stand Out Amidst House Cleaning Competition With a Kick Ass Business Name

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There is a fundamental question you have to ask yourself when you’re setting up any type of business. What type of unique selling point makes your business stand out from others? Why should customers come to you instead of your competitors? If you can give people benefits in terms of better or cheaper service wrapped up in a unique concept then you can attract more house cleaning jobs from satisfied clients.

Once you come up with a unique selling point, it is time to wrap this theme up with a business name that will be memorable. Remember that the name that you are going to use will be the staple of your service as long as you are operating. It should relate with what you want other people to perceive in your business.

Many residential cleaning services use the owner’s name as the business name. This can be a good strategy to give it a more friendly face to the business. Or, you might want to brand the business on its own to sell later on if you wish to take it that far.

When coming up with a business name, you should brainstorm and come up with at least a few dozen names and ask the opinions of your friends and family. Frankly, they can act as your target market. What emotions come to mind when hearing these names? Is it one of trust, dependability, confidence? If your friends and family are not in the cleaning industry, do a blind test comparing your choices with that of other established local house cleaning businesses. Compare the results and what makes your competition special (or not special). Another thing to consider when coming up with a business name is if the concept is easily transferable to flyers and logos. Having some visual identity will help make your business stand out.

A lot of independent cleaners who are looking for house cleaning jobs might not be at the stage to start their own business but the concept of standing out amongst the competition is the same whether you’re an individual or an entity. Promote yourself and get paid handsomely for your unique selling point. Get thinking NOW.


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