How to Write a House Cleaning Business Plan

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There are a lot of self-employed cleaners in the market who have attracted enough jobs house cleaning and are thinking of starting their own cleaning company but don’t know how to go about it.  For those people, like any other type of start-up, they need a business plan.   Having a business plan will go a long way in securing additional funding from a financial institution or acquiring other business partners.  This in turn will help expand the house cleaning business.

In the business plan, you should have an executive summary which briefly explains what your company is about and why you would be a successful entrepreneur.  Lay out in detail how you would pay back the loan or how you would share the profits with your investors.

You should also include a marketing plan as to how you would gain new customers for cleaning jobs; or are you depending on scheduling additional bookings from existing customers and adding other cleaning services as well?  What would your house cleaning job rates be?  In short, how would you grow the business?

By growing the business, how would that affect operational costs?  The most obvious would be hiring new staff but what about other inventory costs for materials?  A detail listing of all expenses would have to be made.

By operating backwards, how much would you need to make a profit?  What is your target monthly goal and can you achieve this realistically?  You would need to know your target residential area as well and if the cost of your services would be acceptable to your clientele.

By writing out a business plan, it is not only to convince others for more funding but it is also a truthful self-reflection of your business as well.  Too often, we are too close to our “baby” and don’t see the forest for the trees.  By going through a business plan exercise, it puts things more clear if the business is viable.

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