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The local news says that the economy is slowly on the mend.  Really?   Do you feel it in your wallet or is it the usual case that the rich just get richer?  If there’s anything to learn from the recession is that we must look out for ourselves and look for alternative forms of income.  You never know when you’ll be laid off from your job even after years with the company.  One way to make supplemental income or even a full time income is with house cleaning jobs.

If you are on this site then you have the right attitude and you’re on the right track to finding a cleaning job.  This means that you are not too proud to do something that most people dislike.  Thank goodness that the majority of people do not like house work because that just means more clients and more work for you.  Let’s just say that you can make a very good living doing housekeeping work because it pays well and it’s recession proof.  There is a twist of fate in all of this because as other people work overtime or an extra two or three jobs to make ends meet, they are neglecting their household duties.  However, rather than cleaning the house themselves, they will hire someone to do it instead of saving the money.  As mentioned, that’s just more work for you.

Now, you can join a cleaning service to get house cleaning jobs or you can set up your own domestic cleaning service.  Obviously, your take home pay would be substantially higher if you worked for yourself.  However, just how do you get clients?  One way is to start with a commercial company and then later build up your clientele and before going independent.  Hopefully, your clients will go with you when you set up your own cleaning business.   You should always do a good job for your clients but also remember that in any job, it’s about networking as well.  Make sure you ask them if their friends need any household chores done as well.

In terms of advertising, there is the traditional flyers you can pass around in neighborhoods, post an ad on the local job boards or placing an ad in the local newspaper.  But, this is the age of the Internet and you are here because you do know how to operate a computer.  There are lots of house cleaning sites that are looking for help and all you have to do is look around.

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