Plenty of House Cleaning Jobs Available

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There are some things that never change no matter what the economic situation:  people want a clean house and they are willing to pay for it.  If you are struggling to make ends meet, then apply for house cleaning jobs.   There are lots of wanted ads for house cleaners for either full time or part time workers.

If you want to find employment in the house cleaning service industry, then you can either apply for a job through a cleaning company or try to find some clients yourself.  If you apply for a house cleaning job with a company, expect for them to conduct a background check on you.  Trust and reliability is a must as you are representing the company.

Most house cleaning companies also require that the house keepers either drive or have their own car.  This makes it easier to go from job to job.  Having your own vehicle or driving the company car also makes it easier to carry house cleaning supplies.  Some clients don’t provide the supplies or the cleaning supplies are not appropriate for the job.  In this case, the company provides the cleansers but make sure you get it all sorted out so you have everything you need before going to the job.  Also check your gas mileage if you are using your own car.  Later on, you can submit a claim so you can ask get reimbursed on that as well.

If you already have experience cleaning through a cleaning company, it gives you more confidence that you can branch out and take house cleaning jobs privately on your own.  Make sure you get references from clients directly as this will go a long way to getting new customers.  In most cases for people looking for domestic cleaning serivces, they fear people stealing from them.  Also, they will feel more comfortable going with a cleaning company first so they will have recourse to complain.   Therefore, to have a stack of good references and referrals will go a long way to allay those fears that you are reliable and can do the job.

If you have other house management skills beyond house cleaning, put them on your resume.  Most clients are looking for time saving house keeping skills so if you can cook, do the laundry, would not be adverse to running errands or walking the dogs, list those extras on your resume as well.  You want clients to find your services beyond a normal house cleaning job invaluable and therefore pay accordingly to your efforts as well.

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