Simple Tips For Finding a Cleaning Job

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In today’s job market many people are realizing there’s no shame in trying to find cleaning employment. In fact not only are honest, professional and proficient janitors and housekeepers in demand but finding a good cleaning job can pay well and even grow into a good business. If cleaning sounds like an industry you would like to join then here’s a few tips for getting started.

Decide what kind of cleaning you would like to do. Basically there are two kinds – commercial and residential. Commercial cleaning has the advantage of being more regular as most offices will require your services on a daily or weekly basis whereas residential cleaning may be more flexible with your schedule.

Keep an eye on public announcements where many government offices post invitations to bid on cleaning contracts and other cleaning vacancies.

Show businesses how you can improve the first impression they make on their customers by maintaining a fresh and clean environment.

As for residential cleaning, introduce yourself in neighborhoods that likely use and will be looking for cleaning services. Keep in mind that this not only includes wealthy areas but older ones or working families may also welcome the idea of paying for a couple extra hands.

Visit real estate offices as they may know of new families in your area that are looking for a new cleaning service.

Don’t forget that your best advertisement isn’t on paper but in how clean you keep your vehicle and your person.

Be willing to provide a variety of services. Employment in the cleaning industry is rarely as simple as dusting and vacuuming. Many clients or employers may want you to wash windows, shampoo carpets, buff and wax floors, some outside maintenance or even do a little laundry. A variety of skills will give you preference and the advantage of being able to charge a little extra.

Maintain a reliable, honest work ethic. If your client is happy they’ll refer their friends.

Once you get started you may be surprised at the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment you can derive from being in the middle of the cleaning industry.

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