Starting Your Own House Cleaning Business

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Starting your own business is a sense of pride for most people.  The idea of being your own boss, working your own hours and being in control of your own destiny is certainly appealing.  This is a dream that many people strive for but just don’t know what business to get into.  A lot of people scratch their heads thinking of the next bright idea but it really isn’t necessary to reinvent the wheel.  The trick to starting a successful business is to be boring.  That’s right, boring.

If you find a boring business to get into, chances are there is not a lot of competition.  What do I mean by boring?  How about starting a domestic cleaning service?  One of the most distasteful task that everyone faces is house cleaning.  House cleaning is also a repetitive chore and this means repeat customers.  Isn’t that the perfect business model?  If you don’t mind a bit of strenuous work, it is quite possible to make a very healthy living off of house cleaning jobs.

So how does one start a house cleaning business?  First off, like any business, you need to do your research.  You need to have a good understanding of the accounting in order to run your housekeeping business.  Have a start up budget for supplies and stick to it.  This also means having an emergency fund set aside that can sustain you for the first year in business until you start making consistent money.  Also, think about getting bonded and insured.  This will put yourself and your potential clients at ease.  Next, you should also investigate how much other cleaning companies charge for their services.  Have the companies come over to your house and give an estimated quote.  With these figures in mind, you can decide whether or not to undercut their prices.  However, do not undercut too much because even though your cleaning services might be cheaper, some clients can still be very picky no matter the amount they pay.  Finally, and this is the most important point, you have to ask yourself whether you can actually provide good cleaning services.  Cleaning your own house is quite different from cleaning professionally.  There are all types of tips and tricks for cleaning to make stubborn dirt and stains go away.  Do you know these tricks to make you clean more efficiently?  Also, be cognizant that some clients prefer natural products when you tidy their house.  Are you going to be “green” when you clean?

Providing a domestic cleaning service is a very good way to make money.  Not a lot of people do it because of the nature of the business.  It’s boring and it’s not sexy.  However, this is why it is a lucrative business.

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