Where To Find House Cleaning Jobs

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House cleaning is a wonderful business.  While most people will thumb their nose at a career in housekeeping, let them be snobs because you can make a lot of money doing things that people take for granted or dislike.

Another reason why house cleaning is such a great business is because it is boring.  There just is not a lot of things to get excited about in the cleaning industry.  Therefore, there is not a lot of competition.  It’s like the stock market.  Just like some companies are recession proof, so are some jobs.  Because not a lot of people like doing house work, that is why even during hard economic times, people will still pay for people to clean their houses.  If you open up your local newspaper, go to the job bulletin boards, or look on the Internet, there are loads of cleaning jobs available.

If you are interested in cleaning houses for a living, you might be wondering what the hours are and how much you will get paid.  The good news is that the hours can be very flexible.  You can choose to work part time which is great for mothers with small children.  It is a great way to make extra money by doing a side job housekeeping.  Or, you can go full steam ahead and clean houses full time.  And if you are extra ambitious, you will even start your own domestic cleaning service business.  Think about it, by going to work for yourself, you have the ultimate control of your hours and how much you will charge.  Starting a house cleaning business is not that difficult.  Cleaning supplies do not cost that much and in fact, most customers would prefer you using environment friendly cleaners.  These green cleaning agents you can usually make yourself as it’s pretty much good old fashion home made cleaning recipes from the old days where they had no fancy supermarkets to purchase their cleaning products.  As for a vacuum, again, most home owners prefer you to use theirs as it’s more hygienic than using a vacuum that has cleaned numerous houses.

If you have the drive to do cleaning work, the next question to ask is how would you get these house cleaning jobs?  Where would you find your customers?  You can always print out flyers on your own and spread them around the wealthy neighborhoods.  What is great about the house cleaning industry is that is very loyal.  Once you have a few clients, they become regulars and they recommend you to their friends and before you know it, you will have more work than you know what to do with.  Not bad for a job that is boring, right?

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